Jack the Ripper & The East End London Taxi Tour

Learn more about the fascinating and mysterious story of Jack the Ripper and the world of late Victorian London – will we ever know who the real Ripper really was?

TOUR DURATION: 4hrs (Approx.)

The theories are as lurid and fascinating as the stories themselves! In the late nineteenth century, the East End of London was a labyrinth of dark alleys and gas-lit roads that was squalid by day and treacherous by night. Whitechapel was a breeding ground for vice, villains and gangs, where even the Police patrolled two by two in what many would describe as a lawless society.

In the autumn of 1888, a number of brutal murders took place in Whitechapel which were to shock the world and terrorize the streets of London for many years. Our Ripperologist will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the East End of London where you will hear about the horrific murders that remain unsolved to this day. There will be time to leave the taxi and walk through the cobbled alleys and see the murder sites. You will be told, should you wish, tales of the gruesome way the women were murdered. You will be introduced to the suspects including the leather apron, the Jewish Boot finisher, George Chapman the serial adulterer and Francis Tumblety the Irish-American man, who had recently discovered that his wife had made her fortune from prostitution.

Most of the murders took place in the metropolitan borough of Whitechapel close to the Tower of London. The final two victims – Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly – were murdered in the City of London which led to a conflict between the presiding Police forces. Inspector Abberline from the Metropolitan Police became increasingly involved in the murder investigation but struggled to contain the conflict, leading to vital clues being erased at Petticoat Lane that clouded the investigation.

Come and decipher the clues for yourself as the tour edges to its inevitable conclusion at Mitre Square where Eddowes body was discovered. Your professional guide will present you with the facts, help decipher the clues, and explain the various theories that have grabbed our imaginations to this day.  Then it’s down to you – Who was Jack the Ripper?

Tour Highlights:

  • Private Guided Tour in a London Black Taxi Cab
  • Visit the Murder Sites of the World’s Most Famous Serial Killer
  • Free Hotel Pickup from All Central London Hotels
  • Hear Stories of Whitechapel and its infamous past
  • Capture photos of the leak cauldron and explore the Victorian Leadenhall Market

Tour Information:

  • Tour Departure Times: Hourly 
  • Children under 16 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult
  • Tours cancelled within 48hrs will be subjected to a cancellation fee
  • Pickup times must be strictly adhered to, no variance to be allowed
  • Max of 5 passengers per taxi (Iconic Classic London Cab)
  • Max of 6 passengers per taxi (Mercedes Vito London Cab)
  • Multiple Pickups are not available
  • Please inform your guide if you wish to be dropped off at an alternative London location at the end of the tour. (This is included in the package)
  • This tour may not be suitable for younger individuals or those of a nervous disposition.

Tour includes a Professional Driver Guide & Photo Opportunities. Tour Excludes Foods/Drinks, Entrance Fees to Attractions, & Gratuities.

PRICE: £280