Murder Mystery & Myths of London Taxi Tour

Are you looking for a more unusual tour of London? This tour is not suitable for young individuals or those of a nervous disposition.

TOUR DURATION: 3hrs (Approx.)

Exploring London’s hidden murky depths that were at times the most horrible, despicable and cruel in its history. Murder!  Murder!  Murders Afoot – and London has had its considerable share!

Some notable murders include the Acid bath murderer John George Haigh, and then there’s the notorious John Reginald Halliday Christie – known as the Notting Hill Strangler. His method was to suggest to females that he could cure them of their ailments, and once he had lured them back to his house he would give them a drugged drink – when this took hold Christie would use domestic gas to kill them. But let’s not reveal too much!  There are many more murders and stories to be told on this tour.

We also include London’s famous hangmen such as William Marwood, the inventor of the long drop. Albert Pierrepoint was considered to be the master of hangmen, and was certainly the most efficient of executioners. Condemned men could be taken from their cell to being hanged in 7 seconds, though the usual time was 13 seconds – the swiftest of dispatches! The early Victorians were prolific builders and in their haste to rebuild London they destroyed many old buildings, often without commemorating their history. Take the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, known to the world as the Bank of England: on this site stood a very famous church, and the bank is haunted to this very day. We explore many similar aspects of London and look forward to seeing you on this tour.

Tour Highlights:

  • Private Tour w/ Personal London Cabbie Guide
  • Visit London’s most grisly murder spots
  • Learn about the darker side of London
  • Unusual and well-crafted unique tour
  • Haunted London Stories

Tour Information:

  • Tour Departure Times: Hourly 
  • Children under 16 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult
  • Tours cancelled within 48hrs will be subjected to a cancellation fee
  • Pickup times must be strictly adhered to, no variance to be allowed
  • Max of 5 passengers per taxi (Iconic Classic London Cab)
  • Max of 6 passengers per taxi (Mercedes Vito London Cab)
  • Multiple Pickups are not available
  • Please inform your guide if you wish to be dropped off at an alternative London location at the end of the tour. (This is included in the package)

Tour includes a Professional Driver Guide & Photo Opportunities. Tour Excludes Foods/Drinks, Entrance Fees to Attractions, & Gratuities.

PRICE: £210