Stonehenge & Hampton Court Taxi Tour

Experience one of our many tours through some prehistoric venues and locations like Stonehenge, Hampton Court and more!

TOUR DURATION: 10-11hrs (Approx.)


Your cabbie will drive to the most famous prehistoric monument in the world, now a world heritage site.  Stonehenge stands alone as it has done for thousands of years on the vast empty tract of Salisbury plain.  Its origins date back about 5000 years, and its exact alignment to the sun’s position during the Equinoxes has led people to believe it must have been a place of spiritual worship, particularly given the existence of other archaeological remains in the surrounding area.  What was it really for?  And how did the 40 ton bluestone rocks make the 150 mile journey from their original site so long ago?  Was it an observatory for the moon, a temple to the sun, or an elaborate cemetery?  Come and unlock the secrets for yourself, and marvel at this remarkable ancient Monument.

If there is enough time, we can even make a small detour (total time: 1 hour including a 20 minute walk on a public footpath) to view the exterior of Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle) or Bampton – the nearby village where much of the filming for the TV series took place!

Hampton Court Palace

We then travel onward to Hampton Court – a truly historical Royal landmark just 11 miles southwest of Trafalgar Square set in beautiful grounds and surrounded by stunning parkland that was also a film location for one of thePirates of the Caribbean movies, among others.  Over the centuries the Palace – once a medieval manor – has been re-built and re-designed, most notably during the 1500s by King Henry VIII.  Today it is one of only two of his Palaces that still stand.  This is where King Henry VIII’s much-desired male heir was born in 1537, and where the baby’s mother Jane Seymour died a couple of weeks later.  It’s also where Queen Mary I, Henry’s oldest daughter, spent her honeymoon – a few decades later Mary’s half-sister Elizabeth I had the eastern kitchens built, which are now the public tea-rooms.  Nearly a hundred years later, King Charles I had his honeymoon here, and after his execution the Palace became the property of Oliver Cromwell.  Half a century later Christopher Wren was commissioned to re-design much of the Palace, and what you see now is a fascinating mish-mash of the various influences and designs that have taken place over the centuries.

Look out for the enormous astronomical clock over the second gatehouse that shows the time, the moon phase, the month, the quarter of the year, the sun, the star sign, and also high water at London Bridge – very important to visitors coming to or from the Palace as the Thames was the main form of transport in those days, and the River created dangerous rapids at London Bridge at low tide on those days – what’s more, the clock still works perfectly today!

Tour Highlights:

  • Visit the mysterious ancient monument of Stonehenge (entrance includes an audio guide)
  • See the extravagant and stunning Hampton Court, home to Henry VIII

Tour Information:

  • Tour Departure Time: 8am daily (subject to special events – please contact us for details)
  • Children under 16 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult
  • Tours cancelled within 48hrs will be subjected to a cancellation fee
  • Pickup times must be strictly adhered to, no variance to be allowed
  • Max of 5 passengers per taxi (Iconic Classic London Cab)
  • Max of 6 passengers per taxi (Mercedes Vito London Cab)
  • Multiple Pickups are not available
  • Please inform your guide if you wish to be dropped off at an alternative London location at the end of the tour. (This is included in the package)

Tour includes a Professional Driver Guide & Photo Opportunities. Tour Excludes Foods/Drinks, Entrance Fees to Attractions, & Gratuities.

PRICE: £670