Stonehenge, West Kennet, & Avebury Taxi Tour

Experience one of our many tours through some prehistoric venues and locations like Stonehenge, West Kennet, Avebury, and more!

TOUR DURATION: 9hrs (Approx.)

Your driver-guide will first take you to the most famous prehistoric monument in the world that is now a world heritage site. Stonehenge stands alone as it has done for thousands of years on the vast empty tract of Salisbury plain. Its origins date back about 5000 years, and its exact alignment to the sun’s position during the Equinoxes has led people to believe it must have been a place of spiritual worship, particularly given the existence of other archaeological remains in the surrounding area. What was it really for? And how did the 40 ton bluestone rocks make the 150 mile journey from their original site so long ago? Was it an observatory for the moon, a temple to the sun, or an elaborate cemetery? Come and unlock the secrets for yourself, and marvel at this remarkable ancient Monument.

We then move on to the ancient stone circle at Avebury – the largest in Europe and surprisingly complete. The English writer John Aubrey took a great interest in history, and he came across Avebury while fox hunting back in 1651, and he later remarked that comparing Avebury to Stonehenge was like comparing a cathedral to a parish church. Visiting Avebury is quite a different experience from visiting its better-known cousin site Stonehenge – you can touch the stones and wander round them at your leisure. The entire circle is around 400 metres long, and landmarks here include the so-called barber-surgeon stone, where a skeleton of a 13th Century itinerant barber was discovered in the 1930s, and the obelisk stone – a concrete post marking the site of an enormous sarsen that is thought to have weighed around 75 tons – well over 50% bigger than anything at Stonehenge. You’ll also get the opportunity to try your hand at dowsing – even the most hardened sceptics have been astounded, and it’s great fun too! There’ll be time to visit the Henge shop, browse around the village and possibly even pop into St James’s church and admire its Saxon window and rood screen.

We then make our way to the West Kennet Long Barrow – an intriguing Neolithic burial place for the rulers of this area first built in around 3600BC, 400 years or so before Stonehenge. We know this was a very important site but much has been lost in the mists of time. It’s a powerful place even now though – at 104 metres this is the longest ‘barrow’ in the British Isles, and it fell out of use just as an enormous new earthwork monument came into being, Silbury Hill, which was the largest structure of its kind in Europe.

The drive itself is lovely too of course – we drive through the historic town of Marlborough, where Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge went to school and the legendary burial site of King Arthur’s Merlin – in fact the town’s name is derived from ‘Merlin’s Barrow’! The rolling chalky hills of Wiltshire are a joy to behold, and a great way to see the English countryside at its finest.

Tour Information:

  • Children under 16 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult
  • Tours cancelled within 48hrs will be subjected to a cancellation fee
  • Pickup times must be strictly adhered to, no variance to be allowed
  • Max of 5 passengers per taxi (Iconic Classic London Cab)
  • Max of 6 passengers per taxi (Mercedes Vito London Cab)
  • Multiple Pickups are not available
  • Please inform your guide if you wish to be dropped off at an alternative London location at the end of the tour. (This is included in the package)

Tour includes a Professional Driver Guide & Photo Opportunities. Tour Excludes Foods/Drinks, Entrance Fees to Attractions, & Gratuities.

PRICE: £630