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Historic Stonehenge Tour

historic tour of Stonehenge

A visit to one of the most significant historical UNESCO World Heritage sites, is a must do while here in the UK. Travel in the comfort of a licensed London Taxi to the pre-historic monument in southern England that is Stonehenge

Our Stonehenge Guides, will conduct a detailed and informative tour of the site at a pace to suit you. There is much to see here, and a visit to the new £27 million visitor centre will complete this unbelievable day

The surrounding area is littered with ancient historical facts, legends and myths, and nobody knows it better than our local qualified guides, who are on hand to share their knowledge of this amazing landmark with you.

The history of Stonehenge dates back to before 3000BC and archaeologists have been unearthing new secrets about it ever since. 

Surrounded by mystery and legend, Stonehenge is one of the most visited sites in England, and never ceases to amaze all who visit.

Stonehenge Graffiti Dagger



Stonehenge was constructed in three phases, taking up to 30 million hours of labour to build. It is thought that the monument was erected for use as a place for human sacrifice, although some believe that it was used as a place of astronomy by the star gazers of their time.



Stonehenge The Heelstone

The largest stones, known as ‘Sarsens’ are up to 30 foot tall and weigh in at an incredible 25 tonnes. It is believed that theses stones were brought from Marlborough Downs, some 20 miles north of the site. The smaller stones known as ‘Bluestones’ were brought from the western hills of Wales, a distance of some 156 miles. Recent scientists believe that the stones were carried here by glaciers during the last ice age.
As early as 10,500 years ago, three large pine posts (totem poles) were erected at this site. The purpose of these structures remain unknown. As a burial site, Stonehenge is thought to contain the remains of  240 people, making it the largest Neolithic burial site in Britain.

Stonehenge at Night
As with all our tours, please DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA !!

As always, all transfers to & from this site are made in an iconic London Black Taxi with a world renowned licensed London Black cabbie.

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